Friday, January 23, 2009

Love Affair with a Home

I've been longing for some 'newness' here on the homefront.
Even though G and I have only lived in our flat for a year and a half, we are beginning to notice that every nook and cranny is full to the brim.

Mini Cabinet

I have packed up bags and bags of things to be given away, sold, and returned to friends, but my efforts feel futile.

The past few weeks of this have been frustrating... the dance I do with this little home of ours. Sidestepping the avalanche-closets and sashaying around the shotgun floorplan. I had come to the adamant conclusion that I was ready for a move, and then I read this.

Mini Book

Touching and thoughtful, this story of a lady and the homes she's loved, has moved me to tears. It made me realize how much I love our little nest, and how thankful I am that she keeps us warm and safe, despite her wheezy drafts.

I'll try to remember how she caught us in her arms with a soft *ploof* when we flung ourselves from the coast - half way across the country, to a new city in the big midwest. We knew no one but her as we drove 3 days across deserts- then plains, and just the thought of a cozy light shining at us through the trees was enough to keep us heading east.

Mini Room

Upon our arrival, she patiently allowed me to nail, scrape, paint, and fill her walls, floors, cupboards, and closets - she holds the only life we've ever known together. A time that we will fondly remember as 'Our Beginning'.

The beginning of a story we will tell for the rest of our lives, and one in which she will always have a prominent role.


Regardez Moi said...

oh jessie, this is the sweetest thing ever. it brought little tears to my eyes.

i love a cozy little love nest.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Your first real home is special. This was adorable.

Anonymous said...

You and G. have an absolutely adorable home, she may have a few tics or two, but she's precious.

Last night was so much fun! We should get the gang together for dog parties more often.

Lopi said...

Oh my...
I didn't feel anything the last time I moved three years ago, but I'm preparing to do it all over again in a month... I find that the only thing that keeps previous home nostalgia at bay is falling in love with the next one right away.
So I've already started working on making my new home perfect!!! No time to think about the old one...

Jessie said...

J- "love nest"... love it!

KCH- Thanks Kate, the more I think about moving, the more I realize how special it is.

FB- Dog parties rule! (Can't wait to see your new place!)

Lopi- I think you have a good theory. I will definitely keep this in mind, bc I know that whenever we go, it will be bittersweet.

Unknown said...

Wow! That blog post about the home was incredible! I can definitely relate to your feelings of needing a change of scenery... good luck in the Midwest!