Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One Hundred Push-ups

G and I are doing this over the course of the next 6 weeks.

Could be awesome. Could be... shall we say... not awesome.

Note: We took our "intial test" after we had shared a bottle of wine last night. I can't tell if that would be considered a help or a hindrance. Eek!


Stephanie said...

wine can only be helpful.

YOU GUYS ARE SO HOSS! I'm so impressed! Keep your bloggers posted on your progress. Oh and a one arm push up would be killer... but you know... see what you can do. ;)

Unknown said...

I think you'll be surprised at how they tone your stomach. I was only expecting arms.

I don't do this program but I do use the perfect pushup ...hilarious, I know

Jessie said...

I will definitely keep you all posted!

Stephanie, when are you leaving!!! Are you going to be starting a new blog to chronicle your adventures?!

Maegan, I have heard that this will do wonders for my abs! We shall see! (Well, I will see. I don't plan on posting photos... heee!)

v8grrl said...

we did this last year. I did some posts about it. I made it...no one else did.
it makes you feel super strong...just don't give up!

Anonymous said...

100?!!! OK, even when I was in tippity-top shape, I could do like 30. Max. I will bow to you if you can do 100! Go for it! :)

Jessie said...

Update: When I first took the test I could only do FOUR in a row... it's been four days and I'm already up to 10!