Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Take Me Away

Feeling the need to go somewhere tropical...
Miguel Antonio, Costa Rica
Ok, let's be serious here.

I'd settle for anywhere that is a consistent 55+ degrees.


There. I'm done complaining (maybe).

Seriously though, does anyone have any travel suggestions for Feb-March-ish, that isn't insanely expensive and has at least mildly temperate weather? I think G and I need a little mid-winter getaway.

Valentine's pressie perhaps?!?!?

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Ashley said...

I am so there... I am over cold weather.

dee said...

Aruba is always nice, year-round. Or how about Costa Rica (which is STILL on my list!)?

Sara B said...

i love that bathing suit!! i don't even know it!! let's go on a tropical vacation together!! (haha you'd love that wouldn't you Gerard) i'm with you sister on hating the cold. hawaii perhaps?? we might have a free place to stay!!

Anonymous said...

What about a little trip to...it might sound a little boring but..... wait for it......

Hot Springs, Arkansas?? It's actually very pretty with all the old victorian buildings and the water feels amazing. You can take your swimsuit and still be outside but be amazingly warm.

Eh, warmer and cheap. Just an idea.

Rugy and i would LOVE to be your and Ms. Sadie's dates on Friday!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I guess there are some super cheap deals on Cancun [all inclusives] right now you might want to take a peek.

Or you could come back and visit us in AZ, it's high 70's and gorge!

Jessie said...

Let's just do it. Let's all take a bloggy-friends trip to somewhere fabulous. A place where the wine flows like water - a place where the sand is cool, and the sun is warm.

Sara - Thanks, but you DOOO know it. Calvin Klein, from Marth, for la Luna de Miel. I'm with you on Hawaii - especially if the lodging is free! (Natch.)

James - I LOVE hotsprings... my aunt and uncle live near the ones outside of Telluride, and they are AWESOME. (Except for the fact that I am deathly afraid of turtles.)

Sarah - I am SERIOUSLY considering just coming home for a nice long weekend, weather sounds amazing! (Oh, and I'm totally checking into Cancun!)

Anonymous said...

I recommend checking out http://www.dailycandy.com/travel/. They're always enticing me with warm sounding getaways!