Wednesday, January 7, 2009


One of my dearest "imaginary friends" (to use her term) has decided to take a blog-break. Indefinitely.

When I read the news, I felt a twangity-twinge in my heart and I lost my breath.

It feels a little bit like ending a friendship, which is never-ever-no-thank-you fun, but then I realized...

My friendship with Mackin Ink may be ending, but my friendship with Karey M. herself, does not have to end.

Mingle. He's here.

If you have not yet visited her blog, you must head over immediately. Like, the MOMENT you finish reading this post. She has truly championed her own style of writing, and it is one that I have looked forward to diving into every day.

Her words glow and giggle as they blossom right out of the screen. She has the ability to sprinkle love and longing throughout her posts with the greatest of ease and the most earnest of meaning.

One thing that she loves to write will ALWAYS stick with me.

"my greatest goal for my girlies three: to add three women to the world who love themselves so much that they want the best for everyone in it."

Shouldn't we all try to love ourselves that much?

The simplest way I can say it is: Karey Mackin's writing will change you.

Karey, we will miss you and the tales of Uncle Sugar and The Girlies Three. You will all be brightly missed, but I just know that I'll go on being able to sense your spark and your sparkle all the way from here.




dee said...


I JUST now read that news myself and literally gasped out loud. I can't believe it either. You've captured everything I would say about our dear Karey so beautifully. That quote of hers is one of my faves, too.


karey m. said...

i. love. you.

god, jessie! i have tears in my eyes! and i'm also giggling about the return of mingle...

always a fan of you. and you, too, bee. xoxo

karey m. said...

one more thing. just reading all your links to my blog.

i'd forgotten about those posts, kind of...

thank you. xoxo.

SGM said...

The Mingle was one was the best! Actually, they were all the best.

What a beautifully written tribute, Jessie. Just perfect.

Anonymous said...

THIS has to be one of the most perfect tributes to mackin ink and Miss Karey M. I'll read. I share your sentiments exactly!

"Karey Mackin's writing will change you." It couldn't agree more.

Robin said...

Could not agree more!
(sniff, sniff)

Robin said...

Also, one of my favorites..."the s word" (9/16)
I still laugh out loud when I even think of that one.
Oh, Karey - please be writing a book or something. We all will really miss your words too much.

Jennifer said...

Oh boo hiss! I'm going over there right now!

Regardez Moi said...


I'm just getting back into reading blogs (I'm sorry, I haven't commented in a while) and I saw Karey's post this morning. And I'm sitting on my sofa just devastated. There are seriously tears running down my face and I can't stop them.

The quote is my favorite. And before I came over here I wanted to immediately write something on my blog about it. Maybe once I gather myself I will.

We love you, Karey. Even if it is just 'imaginary.'

Unknown said...

Bee, I did the same thing... gasped so loud that the girl that sits near me at work asked me if I was ok. I said "no".

Karey, I love you too, I hope you could tell from my post. :) We will miss you dearly, my sweet friend.

SGM, Mingle lives!

Mary, thank you dear... I thought you might agree!

Robin, I went through and read all of her posts the day I read her last, and the "s word" one had me cracking up, too! I will absolutely think of that story someday when I have to (eekl) 'explain' the s word to my littles.

Jennifer, by now you've read the last... punches you in the gut, no?

Jozette, welcome back! (Missed you.) I wish I could give you a great big hug right now. I know what we need... we need a trip to Amman! Seriously. Let's do it. Aaaaaaand, I know that if you end up blogging about this, it will be amazing.

Regardez Moi said...

Um... I'm in. Amman. Let's do it.

Karey - up for some house guests?

thismslife said...

I am so sad about Karey leaving us! She is one of my favorite daily reads. I hope that means she is not writing a blog b/c she is writing us a book so we can keep her at home with us!?! My favorites are the her tributes to the girls individually (I think on their birthdays but sometimes not). I could go on...