Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Universe Finally Decided to Cut me a Break

*I feel like I should whisper this post, for fear that my early birthday pressie to myself might spontaneously combust into flames.*

Oh to hell with it.


Look what I found! Look what I fooooowwwnnnddd!

Close-up. Isn't she a beaut?
Oh ya, the kitty is pretty darling, too.

I have been searching for a vintage Eames lounger for SO long (in caramel leather, with a golden pine frame), and yesterday, my search ended in Belton, Missouri.

That's the short of it, here's the long - and HERE'S why I need your help:

I search Craigslist quite frequently for furniture that I can refurbish and add to my home or sell, and I always finish my browsing with a quick "eames lounger" search. Nothing good ever turned up until about two months ago.

I came across a listing that was posted by a guy in town who buys and sells mid-century modern furniture, and he posted the exact chair/ottoman that I had been looking for - and h
e only wanted 300 dollars! Now, these pieces can be purchased new from DWR for about $3,600.00 or you can try and find a vintage one, but up until then I had never seen a vintage one for less than 1,000. I emailed AND called him immediately... but alas, he told me that I was literally two minutes too late. I ALmost offered him $350, but I remembered seeing in the picture that the ottoman was in pretty bad shape, so I held off.

I was SOOO disappointed, but G assured me that I'd come across another one someday. (I grumpily disagreed, but that's besides the point.)

Flash forward to Monday night...

Found fateful posting, called my new best friend TONI, traded cars with my sweet friend Taryn, and went to sleep dreaming of a sassy new family room with a freshly brightened reading nook.

We picked up the chair today, and it is beautiful! I think it is a reproduction, and not an original, but I don't even care. Guess what else? It only cost us a quite reasonable and frighteningly under-priced FIFTY DOLLARS. Woot WOOT!

There IS a catch (there's always a catch), and we didn't realize it until we were on our way home.

The chair??? It stinks. Like old, stale, nasty cigarettes.

I know, I'm an idiot for not asking if the chair was from a non-smoking home, but... I was too excited to think of it! Plus, her house didn't smell!

So there you have it. I'm sitting here staring at my new chair, loving it a little bit more each minute, and wishing I didn't have to wear a clothespin on my nose. My cat slept on it ALLL day yesterday and today (glad you approve, Zo') and she is not allowed any where near my lap or bed until I get the chance to rub scented dryer sheets all over her.

My new reading nook!

Do any of you know how to get sick-smoke-smack-smuck-smell out of leather furniture? I have tried vinegar and water, and also a paste of baking soda, but so far... no luck. I'm getting a little worried!


Anonymous said...
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ZDub said...

Love the chair. I hope you figure out how to get the smoke out. You might have to have it cleaned.

Jessie said...

Thanks, Z! I hope so, too!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I have no idea! But I hope you find's such a cool chair!

Unknown said...

The only real way to get the stink out of a leather chair is to replace the leather. you can try leaving it in the sun for an afternoon that will help. The problem is less in the leather and more in the foam. Recovering it is pretty easy if you are brave enough.

Stephanie said...

Um, you might have it professionally cleaned. I don't suggest recovering such a classic, though.

The chair is gorgeous! Such an icon! Great find!