Friday, September 12, 2008

Merde Il Pleut

Yet another snuggly, cozy, rainy day here... but I have a house to clean and errands to run before my sweet mother-in-law comes to town today.

Luxe Wool Wellies - SALE $84

I'll be wearing a variation of these babies (mine have teal grosgrain ribbon bows at the top), some comfy jeans tucked in, and a nice big sweater.

(via In(side) the Loop... which happens to be in Ike's path. I'm praying for your safety, Court!)

I only wish I had this umbrella to sheild me from the big fat raindrops! (If you are a non-French speaker, like me, Merde Il Pleut means Shit, It's raining! Hee!)

Supposedly it is going to warm up next week, so I guess I can't put away the sundresses quite yet!

Have a fabulous weekend, and I'll catch you all on Monday!


ZDub said...

Love that umbrella. It's pouring here as well and I can't find my wellies-:( We moved and they disapppeared. I'm off to order more.

Have a good weekend!

Robin said...

Rainy day here too. Gotta get that umbrella. Stay warm, sweetie!

group1 said...

hey! was googling for Luxe Wool Wellies and came across your page! am really interested in getting the boots online but i dont quite know the shaft and circumference of the boots! do you mind if i get your help in measuring them when you're free? so sorry for the trouble, and hope to get a reply soon! (: thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious umbrella!!

Courtney said...

Love your rainy day gear round-up...I'm still catching up on all my fav blogs since I was without power for so long! Thanks for all your prayers and kind thoughts.

Those wellies rock. And, yes, you need that brellie!