Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I'm feeling rather bookworm-y these days (even though I ALLLLways love to read), and the following is a list of books that I hope to add to my collection before the year is over.

In case anyone was wondering what I might love for... oh... say, the birthday that I have in exACTly 2 months from this very moment (well, ok - two months from today)?

Voila! These would fit the bill!

(Hopefully, I can withstand the temptation to buy them for myself!!!!)


Anonymous said...

oooh i've never heard of bazaar style?!? must look into it.

Brooke Meyenberg said...

Mmmmm Restoration Home. Good, good call. Especially for a fall B'day.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys are having so much fun down in AZ but honestly, i can't wait till G is back at work. It's so boring and completely unentertaining without him!!! See you when you get back!!!

Stephanie said...

goodluck! I have such a difficult time NOT buying books for myself. And those look lovely! Especially the second one!

Jessie said...

C&C - I've flipped through a few pages of it and let me tell you it is divine!

Brooke - Glad to hear Restoration Home is a good one... I've heard great things! And thanks for stopping by!

James - We miss you! I'm sure I'll be in this week, but we should totally go out for drinks soon!

Stephanie - I know what you mean... I love adding to my own personal 'library', but if I bought every book I wanted, my bank account would be in Trou-BUHL!

Anonymous said...

I HIGHLY recommend Restoration Home! I love it. And I definitely want to flip through Bazaar Style -- it looks lush and dreamy. And Printing by Hand...a definite must-buy!