Thursday, September 18, 2008

Denver, Here we Come!!!

Ok, my dearies... I need your help!

Senior night at a San Diego Padres game

Three of my college roommates/best friends/bridesmaids and I are traveling to Denver for another friend's wedding next month, and I am working on finding us a great place to stay in the city.

Freedom Tour 2K7
(Spring Break in Palm Desert and Las Vegas)

The actual wedding is in Highlands Ranch, but since the ceremony is the only time we'll be there, I thought it would be more fun to stay somewhere close to shopping, nightlife, yummy restaurants, etc.

Roommate picture in Disneyland for one of my bachelorette parties...
The front of our shirts said "Jessie's a Batch". Ha.

Do you have any thoughts? I have never spent much time in Denver, so I am completely blind when it comes to knowing the cool spots.

I'm pretty sure I have at least three readers from there, and perhaps a few more that have visited? If you know of somewhere great to visit/eat/stay, please let me know!

Hold your breath and jump!
Ya. We're pretty fun like that.
Plus, there's nothing better than self-timer pictures.


Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

sorry i can't help out with recommendations but i absolutely love these pictures. you look like such a fun group and i can't wait to hear about your next adventure.

Amanda said...

Jessie - hve a great time! How fun! Be sure to talk with SGM as she lives there! She's my bestie from HS and I hope maybe you can catch up with her, she's the bomb!

Robin said...

Great photos & awesome that you are coming to Denver! I have lots of ideas for you & may be able to get you a deal at some downtown hotels (I do event planning, so I have some connections). Drop me a line at

Anonymous said...

I hope you get some tips...but in the meantime, these pictures are a-DOR-able!

Jennifer said...

You and your besties are totally adorbs. Why am I not surprised?

I was in Denver once for work. And that's all I did: work. Please have more fun than me.

Sneaky Chic said...

Jessie! So exciting that you are coming to my town!
Definitely stay downtown, not Highlands Ranch (so boring, you will die, and not the good Rachel Zoe kind). There is an outdoor mall/pedestrian street called the 16th St Mall that runs through downtown Denver, you should stay near it. There is a free shuttle that runs the length of the Mall, which makes it easy (and cheap) to get around town. Let me know your budget, and I can give you some hotel options. Also let me know how long you will be staying and I will make you up a list of activity options.

If you guys go out and party - you better let me come buy you a drink! :)

you can email me at