Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Can it beeee?

It feels good to be home at last, and after a summer full of traveling - I am looking forward to staying put until the holidays!

When we finally hopped off the plane at KCI on Saturday evening, we were met with a very rainy city and quickly plummeting temperatures... can it be that fall has already arrived???

It seems like the chilly weather sneakily swooped down upon KC while we were busy enjoying the sunshine of Scottsdale! (Good thing I got to give my favorite summer clothes one final hurrah!)

I have been fighting a cold for the past two days and so willyoupleaseexcuse my fuzzy little medicine head, but in honor of the 55 degree weather, I am going to do a comfy cozy fall fashion round-up for today's post.

For me, thick black leggings and a super soft J. Crew waffle tee are the epitome of Autumn comfort, but for those days when you need to run errands or actually be presentable, I've found a few little pretties that you might enjoy. Don't worry... no Uggs included!

Library Date
J. Crew Cashmere Shawl Cardigan in True Aqua
U.O. Peach Tank
U.O. BDG Charcoal Skinny Pants
U.O. Oval Antique Ring
U.O. Ivy League Loafers

Dinner with Friends
J. Crew Silk-Linen Swing Cardigan in Yellow
J. Crew Pleated Tissue Tank in Pewter
Joe's Jeans Chelsea
U.O. Bird Drop Earrings
U.O. Frye Agatha Heel

Afternoon of Shopping
J. Crew Kate Dress
U.O. Ballet Leggings in Navy
U.O. Perforated Leather Boot
U.O. Sabina Leather Satchel (I have wanted this bag for FOREVER!)
U.O. Patterned Rose Square Scarf
U.O. Gilded Rubber Bangles
U.O. Stamped Initial Stud Earrings

P.S. How much do I LUUURVE Polyvore?! SO fun. And totally helped cure my super-strong craving to break my spending hiatus. Job hunting first, shopping second, my friends. (HA! Never thought I'd utter those words...)

P.P.S. I hope you enjoy the (slightly more) budget friendly selection from my two bargain fall-backs, the sale sections of J. Crew and Urban Outfitters.


karey m. said...

oooh! fall...

i'm loving those initial earrings in the last little box...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am LOVING that Urban Outfitters tank! That may just be my next purchase. Great roundup!

ZDub said...

I to have wanted that bag forever. I love their purses.

Nicely done!

Jessie said...

Karey... they're only like $18 dollars or something outrageously sensible like that. I think some little K's would look dashing on you!

Mary... it comes in several other colors including a very pretty burgundy color that was tempting me with it's cuteness.

Z... totally agree on Sabina. Would really take any of their bags in that tone of leather. Yummy!

Amanda said...

Love that middle box with the yellow and gray - so autumnal and yummy. Welcome home, welcome to Fall. Hope you feel better soon!

Robin said...

You are too good. Sadly, I dress like a bit of a slob lately and I am not yet motivated to break the rut. If you lived near me, I would invite you over for a closet clear out and a shopping date - I need help & I love your taste!