Friday, May 1, 2009

Edible Plant Trivia

Can you identify this fruit or vegetable?! I was slicing and dicing for dinner the other night, and couldn't believe the vibrant color and pattern that popped out from inside of these little gems.

Leave your guess in the comments and if there are multiple right answers, I will draw randomly from the correct guessers!!

***Contest will close on Sunday night, and the winner will be announced Monday.***

The winner will receive a copy of this fantastic book (recommended here), just in time for spring-time gardening!

Vegetable Gardening: Simple Steps to Success by Jo Whittingham

Here's a closer look...

Now, guess away!!!

P.S. This post was almost titled "Are You Smarter than a Vegetable?"... HA!

I decided that would be innapropriate and insensitive (both of which I sometimes am), and so I changed the title.

Posting it waaaay down here at the bottom is totally different, right?!!


Heather said...

A potato?

the Fairy Bootfather said...

I'm not going to guess but honestly, i love the "other" title...... Are you smarter than a vegetable? Well, no, frankly, i guess not!

michael and kristyn said...

that is a purple sweet potato. now don't copy my answer!

Amy Y. said...

It's a purple potato! (Also known as a blue potato or a "Delta Blue".) I've never eaten one myself, but I hear they are delicious!

zibaby said...

it's a blue potato. I don't know any other fancy names for it!

G said...

purple lime?

GiGi said...

uh, DUH!!! they're the blue diamonds from a box of lucky charms.
heh heh.

v8_grrl said...

Purple Delta potatoes

had some the other night...make really cool mashed tatas


kelly b said...

They're purple potatoes! Highly recommend 'em with salmon and spinach or asparagus or something for a technicolor dream-dinner.

(Miss you, girl.)


Alanna said...

Everybody seems to think they're potatoes. I think they look like purple yams. Which, in case I'm wrong and you didn't eat them for dinner the other night, are totally delicious, and highly recommended by yours truly.

Jessie said...


Apparently, I'M the only one not smarter than a vegetable because I had never seen one like this before. :)

I will be drawing the winner tonight, so stay tuned!