Thursday, October 22, 2009

Black as Soot

As I start to think about decorating for the holidays, my starting point always happens to be our mantel and hearth.

This framed fireplace painted black has me swooning... and wondering how much trouble I'd be in if I actually went for the same look in our living room. Our walls our quite dark, but I think it'd look smashing.

Honey? Whaddya think?

*Can't remember where I snagged this image from, but if you happen to know, please share so I can give proper credit!


Lauren said...

I think it would look fab. Can we see a photo of your fireplace for reference?

Robin said...

Wow! You just inspired me...seriously - go read my post today :)

katiemade said...

I love that fireplace!
I wonder if you painted with black chalkboard paint then you could add color from time to time...

karey m. said...

love it. do it.

{i would, but i've no fireplace!}

Zakary said...

Go for it!