Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Perfect Hair-To

Good morning!

I must cut to the chase, because what I have to say is VERY important.

Are you ready?

I have found a foolproof and easy-as-pie way to make my never-curly-but-sometimes-a-little-bent-looking-naturally-weird-hair look like it has natural and low-maintenance curls.

I know, I had a few tears of joy, too.

On the days that I actually want to wear my hair curly, I have to go piece by piece all the way around my head with a straightening iron (yup, I know it seems a little counterintuitive) and using the perfect combination of pressure, time, and twist I would wave my locks, pretty much one at a time*. My hair has a decent amount of natural wave to it, but it is never consistent, and often depends on how wet it was or wasn't when I climbed into bed.

I watched one (okay, ALL) of Maegan's hair tutorials several weeks ago, but hadn't got around to trying any of the techniques until this morning. If you happen to read Maegan, you know that her hair (and her whole look, for that matter) is always flawless. I can't wait to try all the other videos, and even though her hair is quite a big longer than mine, I think that the looks she showcases are probably manageable for many different lengths. I personally can't wait to try the full frontal french braid, and I'm doing the afro curls look for Halloween!

I won't claim to have worked a miracle or anything, but I will say that my curls are all even, seem as though they will last all day,** and best of all - the whole thing took me way less time than usual.

You must try this yourself if you are even remotely interested in acheiving the same look! Hooray for Hair-tos and THANKS MAEGAN!

* Note: this is a description of my process on the days that I actually DO my hair... probably only once or twice a week. The rest of the time, I'm working the really messy bedhead look. Drives my mom crazy.

**I forgot to take a picture this morning... I'll try to have someone snap one at work so that I can show you the results!

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