Friday, October 16, 2009


Ready for some Friday eye-candy?


and another one.... BAM!

Take THAT!


Whew... gorgeously exhausting, right? I can honestly say that I don't think that I've ever seen more beautiful shoes in my entire life.

They are all from Omelle, and from this point forward, I hereby promise to stop deleting their adorably titled "Footnotes" newsletter before ogling the contents first. Just because I don't even come close to being able to afford a pair, doesn't mean I can't dream!

Which one of the shoes pictured is your fave? C'mon! Dream a little with me! It's Friday!


GiGi said...

WHA????? I simply cannot choose. if i had to--the last pair. no wait the grey pair.
THOSE HEELS!!!! I'm sweating!

nellie loves vintage said...

Hmmm...definitely the second felt-y pair with the button. Completely delicious.

Stephanie said...

Um, Hi, can I have those first shoes? Seriously. Hot.ness.

The Fairy Bootfather said...

Easy... the second one!!! With the (what looks like)felted wool and that big button - it looks like you're swaddling your foot in the most comfortable sweater. LOVE IT!

alissa said...

ooo definitely the second pair! aboslutely love.
hope you're having a great weekend!

Lauren said...

My best friend's cousin is the brilliant designer of these beauties.

Zakary said...

I LOVE the third pair!!!!