Monday, October 5, 2009

Piperlime Picks, People (Plus some others...)

I've been shopping for black boots, can you tell????

Good Tuck Charm - $80

Maeko - $75

Seductive - $130
I don't know... I think it's kinda classy. ;)

Sebo - $110

Cone-heel - $89
(I know these are really similar to another pair above,
but they're a different texture... and price!)

Favorites? Thoughts? Any others that I need need NEED to know about?!


E said...

I like the third pair the best. My favorite pair of boots are black flat heels made out of the same material. They come up to my knee almost, and I love them.

Cute blog :)

alissa said...

ah hahaha we are totally on the same wavelength tonight!
i like the sebo ones - im really loving that overlapping look lately - where the heel is a little hidden?
ive been utilizing endless and zappos to deliver me boots... so that i can pack them back up and return them haha and keep shopping!