Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Jupiter Hotel

I'm finally getting a chance to post more about our great trip to Portland!

One of the things that I was most worried about was finding the right hotel. We were lucky enough to find a spot that fit our needs/budget perfectly and I must say that our stay at The Jupiter exceeded all of our expectations!

I HIGHly recommend it for accomodations in Portland... I think it was honestly part of why our trip was so fabulous, and I am so thankful that we chose to stay there!

The rooms are very reasonably priced, and the design is modern and GORGEOUS. We didn't get to see any shows because of our busy schedule, but there is amazing live entertainment at the onsite restaurant/venue, The Doug Fir.

Our room looked pretty much like the yellow and grey one above (um, hello... FAVE color combo!), and right when we walked in, I knew I had made the right choice. Might I also mention that the inside and outside of ALL the exterior doors are painted in chalkboard paint... perfect!

The staff was hip and oh-so-friendly, and the overall vibe of the entire establishment was youthful and fun. We had a great time!

I wish we could go get fun drinks and snuggle up with a bunch of friends next to that fire pit this weekend! Needless to say, we LOVED Portland and we will definitely be back... I know exactly where we'll be staying on our next visit!


karey m. said...

oh my's so gorgeous. like the w but - dare i say - even more well-designed?!

i do love it. i missed it if you told us if it's a chain? will check...

Ashley said...

This place is gorgeous! That fire pit looks like perfection... I need to plan a trip to Portland, apparently!!

Jessie said...

Karey, it WAS gorgeous. It's not a chain, but a little birdie told me recently that they're thinking about opening an additional hotel on the Oregon Coast! Can't wait to see what they come up with for that one!

HiS, you would love it. You should have seen all of the amazing boutiques and vintage stores that are across the street and on the very same block!