Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I love popsicles. Most days I have at least one, many days it's more.

When I'm feeling really kicky, I paint my fingernails to match.
Hope you had a sticky-sweet Labor Day Weekend!


alissa said...

yum! im with you -very tasty! the matching nails are cute:)

tiffany said...

This shot is adorable! And your nails!! What's your secret to keeping them pretty? Mine chip literally within hours of a mani!

Dad said...

You r 2 cool to b my daughter. I love u even still.
Lickily, Ur Dad xox

Jessie said...

Alissa - Tasty, indeed!!!

Tiffany - Thanks! My tip on keeping them nice is soooo easy and cheap! Hoof Hardener for horses! I'm not even kidding. I wrote a post about it last year and I will send you the link. :)

Dad - You're silly, and I'm REALLLLY proud of you for figuring out how to leave a comment without my help!!!!!!!!!!!!

GiGi said...

uh, do we need to head over to tropicana?

and i love your dad

Michelle said...

Love the nails!