Thursday, September 10, 2009


Why oh why can't my eyebrows look just like Camilla's?

I've had an issue with my own since I can remember, and used to get teased ruthlessly for having such thick dark brows with my naturally blonde hair (partly why I started dyeing it brown).

After years of overplucking, I'm thankful that they have filled out again, but I would give anything to have them look just like the ones below!

I know they're a little dramatic, but I LOVE high-impact looks, and I think she's got it down to a T.
Quite frankly, I'd take any part of Camilla's look - her hair, her brows, her style... if I could have the content of one celebrity's closet I'm 98% sure it would be hers.
If you could the entire wardrobe of someone besides yourself, whose would it be?


GiGi said...

uh, i think i may have just answered your ? in my latest blog post...again, same page.

alissa said...

can a pick a character in a movie? cause then i want zoey deschanels from 500 Days of Summer. Seriously was in love with every single outfit.
if it has to be a real person... thats just too hard.

see you tonight chica!

tiffany said...

Um, does it have to be a person? 'Cause if not, I pick Anthropologie.

And if it does have to be a person, I think I'll second Alissa with Zooey D. in that adorable movie!

Zakary said...

When I was in high school, I wanted Kate Moss' eyebrows. You know, skinny.

I plucked them all out and it took forever for them to grow in.

I looked nothing like Kate Moss.

Dallas Shaw said...

she's a stunner

G said...

I'd take Jason Mraz's wardrobe.

Jessie said...

Ooooh, I loved hearing all of the people that everyone picked!

I love daydreaming about all-access passes to the closets of celebrities!

Removalist Melbourne said...

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