Monday, September 28, 2009

My Sweet Girl

I thought I'd share some of these fun pictures that G took of Sadie and I a few weekends ago. No real reason except that they make me happy. :)

(And yes, I'm wearing the same outfit that I had on in the shoe post from last week... these were taken on the same day.)

Just walking around the neighborhood and enjoying life together... Miss you, Little One! I'll be home soon!


Kristyn said...

oh i love love love these pics. especially the sweetness of the middle one. will you come home already? i miss you.

Christopher Paul said...

Hi how are ya? I just dropped in from inside the loop to see what's going on here and I'd have to say I like what's going on here! Very nice material. You have a new guest. Me!

dee said...

Congratulations!! I must've missed the post about you getting a new doggie. She is beautiful and you both look so happy!! I'm so happy for you, Jessie:)