Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, my dears! This week has seemed long (even without a Monday) and I can't wait for a nice little break.

Last night's KC Blogger's Meetup was a BLAST, and I'm so glad that we finally got something like that together. Hopefully next time we can expand the group, because I just know there are plenty of bloggers here, and I just can't wait to meet more!

Here are some things that I am looking forward to this weekend:

- Making Ravioli and Squash with Homemade Pesto tonight for dindin - I think we'll try and eat on the balcony since I'm trying to soak up every last second of the summer.

- Date night with G - We're walking to the Westport Art Fair with our little Sadie-girl.

- Searching for street style - Scouting out some new spots this weekend, and trying to figure out a game plan for when the weather gets crummy!

- Altering TEN new vintage dresses that I scooped up while thrifting last week... don't worry, I will post them here when I am done!
- Celebrating a dear friend's birthday with dinner and cocktails and lots of laughs.

I hope you have a FAB weekend, and be sure to lay in the grass with a good book* if you get the chance!

*In reference to this month's 1000 Words - a project that I have followed from it's beginning and I just cannot get enough.


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