Tuesday, September 1, 2009

KC Bloggers Meet-up!!!

I am SO excited to announce our very first Kansas City Bloggers Meet-up!

Alissa and I had both been hoping that something like this would come along for quite sometime, so instead of continuing to wait, we decided to make one ourselves!!!

If you are a blogger and live in the Kansas City area (which really means anywhere in Kansas or Missouri), we'd love to have you join us for dinner and sangria at La Bodega on September 10th. Feel free to pass the invite along to any fellow bloggers who you think might be interested, and please be sure to RSVP!

We're so excited to meet everyone! See you there!


GiGi said...

not as fantastic as our thelma and louise trip-but pretty darn fantastic.

emmy-ray said...

Hopefully I can make it and bring some fellow blog friends along!