Friday, July 11, 2008

Jessie's Piperlime Pick of the Week is BACK!

Whew, seems like it's been awhile since my last pick, and I had no idea how much I missed online shopping while I was gone. (I know, I know, why miss that when you can do the real thing?! I'm weird.)

I was very pleased to see that two very cute pairs of Chie Miharas made it to the Piperlime Limetag Sale, but unfortunately NEITHER in my size.... *insert pout face here*

Chie Mihara Vespa - SALE 199.99 (Sz. 10 only)

Dar. Ling. Any shoe named after the coolest scooter around is probably going to be pretty darn cute. No, it's cuter than cute. It's downright saucy. When I first saw these, I sat starting for more minutes than I'd like to admit, trying to decide if it was worth 200 hundred dollars to try and make them fit my very close size 9 1/2 feet.

I'm telling you, the cream detailing and the stacked heel are calling my naaaame.

Chie Mihara Chiwawa - SALE $189.99 (Sz. 7 & 7 1/2 only)

Now, some would say these shoes are a little on the bright side.


Plus, you knoooooooow how I can rarely resist a t-strap. I think even a colorphobe could work these babies paired with some really dark matchstick jeans... be daring, my friends! I know you can do it!

*Stay tuned for a few more France pictures this afternoon, and next week, I'll show you one of the most outrageous fashion items I've ever purchased! How's THAT for a teaser!


Regardez Moi said...

ca ca ca ca uuute! Love the green. I really love anything that's green. Now if only I had some more greenbacks, I could afford some more green shoes!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. I have had my eye on those Vespa shoes for awhile now...and I saw that they were on sale (on 2 different sites). I almost pulled the trigger yesterday, but I did not. And now, here they are again, being dangled in front of me like a carrot....

Unknown said...
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Jessie said...

Green shooes = good. Green money to buy more shoes = better.

Mary... I am the carrot danglers of ALL carrot danglers. Here let me help you - DO. IT. DO. IT. DO. IT. *Accompanied by enthusiastic fist pumps*

Jessie said...

Oops, as you can see I previously posted as my boss.

Amanda said...

That heel? I want to lick it - then wear it! Darling. You have great taste. Loved seeing your pics of France; was there years ago and it seems like a dream. P.S. You are just as pretty as a picture.

Amanda said...

I NEED those green shoes. I really need them. I think it is a good thing they are the wrong size for me too!

karey m. said...

i don't really care about shoes.

i'm just glad you're back to the blog.

{one of those sentences is a lie. i care desperately about shoes. i do.}

Jessie said...

Aw shucks, Karey, I'm glad to be back (you big shoe-lover, you)!

TTLG, you are too sweet! There are more coming, so get ready girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Beware of Piperlime! I ordered a pair of shoes from Piperlime and
three times I got the wrong size. They eventually ran out of stock on
the item and I never got my shoes! Once is a mistake, twice is an
accident, and three times is a pattern. Their excuse? ..."It happens."