Thursday, July 10, 2008


I hate to be one of those people that invites a bunch of friends over for a dinner party and then makes them sit through a three hour power point presentation on their FAAAHbulous trip. BUT, since this is my bloggety blog and I can do what I want, AND since you are free to come and go as you please with out having to worry about being a rude dinner guest.... I will proceed with posting my 58074 pictures from France (just kidding... there are only, like, 792).

Our trip began with a train ride from the Paris airport to the darling city of Grenoble. It is situated at the base of the French Alps, and has just the beauty and charm that I was hoping for!

I must have taken a zillion pictures of windows/flower boxes/pretty shutters and this one was one of my favorites... the best part was the view of the Rhone River and the Alps!

We really wanted to take those gondolas up to the restaurant in the mountains, but since it was a Sunday night, they had closed early. :(

We saw sooo many castles! This one was gorgeous over looking the river and the city streets.

It was a dreary day for viewing mountain tops, but I still took a picture of this big one looming over the city.

We came across the coolest little cafe that had set up a bunch of big screen TVs outside with their tables, so that their customers could watch the European Cup (Soccer). The Spain fans were quite abundant, and that night we fell asleep to people screaming "Espana!" from the streets. One of the biggest challenges of being in France was not being able to speak the language, and every time we heard or met Spanish speakers, we had this overwhelming sense of relief that we could actually communicate with somebody!

Said Spaniards.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand most importantly (drum roll, please)...
The Beginning of the Ice Cream Cone Adventures - Cafe Au Lait.


Anonymous said...

SO awesome! This is one place I'll probably never get to. So keep the photos and deets coming!

Jessie said...

It was gorge... more are on their way, my dear!

twelvekindsofcrazy said...

So beautiful. I would have been a very attentive dinner guest. I'm so serio.
My grandpop was in WWII and was an excellent storyteller. He told me that while driving through France, he so admired the people. He said that even in the poorest of areas, the French still had these beatiful flower filled window boxes.

Jessie said...

T - I have no doubt about that! You have an outstanding dinner invitation to my house ANYtime!!! (We'd have a blast, no?)

And your Grandpop was completely right. I think I may even do a flowerbox post, soon...