Monday, July 21, 2008

White Hot

Jacket by Sally Tseng

After you get over the initial shock of Charlize's beauty (GOSH, she is gorgeous), please take a gander at her super cool white tuxedo jacket.

Just the thought of such an item makes me think, "I could never wear that," but seen here it looks effortless, unique, and classic.

I'd love to see what she's wearing on the bottom half (especially the shoes), but I'd like to think you could pair this with a couple of different options. Dress it down with some stovepipe jeans and a bright pair of flats, or keep it classy with a black fitted tank dress and some black leather ankle booties. (Note: I really need to learn how to use Polyvore so that I can better illustrate my ensembles!) In any case, one of the things that makes the entire look is the fact that she's got the sleeves pushed up. Tres chic!

Alright, now I'm pretty sure I need one (well, a less expensive look-alike anyway), but the fashion world is already gearing up for fall! What do we think? Could this be a multi season piece? Or would it be best worn in the warmer summer months?


Anonymous said...

I think a white jacket like this is seasonless. You can pair it with just about anything to make it appropriate for any time of year. I love it!

Anonymous said...

she is flawless. i think with radiant skin, a classy hairdo and a tan, anyone can pull off this look (just not as perfectly as charlize, of course).

Stephanie said...

oh my! I have never seen Polyvore, but I might soon be addicted!

I think white could definitely be multi-seasonal. I see it in the winter with lots of layers (especially scarves).