Friday, July 18, 2008

Treasure Hunting: The Grainery

Yesterday's afternoon perusal of eBay ended up being muy muy successful! The Grainery is an eBay store (based in Illinois) that has a really great selection of antiques and vintage items.

Take a gander at these fabulous finds!

Mid Century Modern Lounge Chairs - Current Bid $24

Brass Fan Blade - Current Bid $19

Antique Hand-crank Wheelchair - Current Bid $44

60 x 81" Flower Garden Quilt - Current Bid $24

Cloth Covered Piano Bench - Current Bid $5
Most of these items end around 1:15 pm (Central) or later, so get your skinny little butts over there and buy something so that I can live vicariously through you!


Anonymous said...

That wheelchair is somethin' else!

Those chairs? $24? Someone BETTER get those!

please sir said...

Oh my - great finds!

Anonymous said...

I like the chairs! Saw the premiere of Project Runway and all i know so far is that i LOVE LOVE LOVE Wesley. Wait, is that his name? Um..... i think so. He's ADORABLE!

Jessie said...

James, PR5 is going to be awesome... I can just feel it!

I can't remember which one Wesley is, which dress did he do???