Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Travels in France Part Trois: Avignon

Entering the city of Avignon. The entire city was originally built within a huge stone wall that goes all the way around, and it was really cool to see how most of the urban area has stayed within the originally city limits.

The Palace of the Popes

Courtyard in the Palace

Yours truly in front of the ancient aqueduct at the Pont du Gard

Tree lined streets on the way to St. Remy en Provence

I love the way they paint store signs and other pretty things, right onto the sides of buildings.

The rooftops of Avignon

I loved this little sign outside of a pastry shop near our hotel... how cute would it look hanging in a home?! (Preferably mine.)

Waiting for our train to Paris!


Anonymous said...

Yes - I would LOVE that sign in my kitchen!

What an incredible trip. Do you (or anyone you went with) speak French? I am dying to go to Italy but my Italian is pretty shoddy.

Jessie said...

I do not speak French, but was amazed at how quickly I picked up on the little things, like ordering at a restaurant. My brother-in-law speaks it pretty well and he was with us, so that helped!

You should totally go to Italy! That is the next place on my list!

Robin said...

keep these photos coming - I love them!

Did I tell you my best friend is getting married in the south of France next summer? Brad and I are saving to hopefully spend a month there :)

Happy day!

franki durbin said...

oh, yay! I had no idea you were abroad! Nice to "see" you! :)

au revoir!

Stephanie said...

*gasp*! your photos are beautiful! I am so happy for you guys to be in France! I have never been outside Paris in France. It looks like everywhere you visited was completely enchanting!

Looks like you and your man are having a wonderful time! :)

Sneaky Chic said...

Yes, keep em coming! The pics are beautiful, and so is your outfit in that last one...LOVE IT!