Monday, May 4, 2009

Truly Happy: Smushing Cheeks

Smushing cheeks with my precious kitty

Written on December 15, 2004

Two faces, side by side.

Whether during a friendly hug, posing for a picture, or in a loving embrace; line up the chins and cheekbones, and the squishy part in between will do the rest.

Smush cheeks with a child and their cherub-like face will fit right in the hollow of your own. For the seasoned veteran, smush cheeks with a friend and then smile big at the same time. For lovers, you can smush while hugging and exchange special whispers.

A smush is something that will never lose it's excitement or it's meaning, and they should be spread around using nothing but generosity and love.

Smushing cheeks is a thing that makes me truly happy.

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Anonymous said...

pretty sure that dress you have on is from october from target! & also, I love your new hair! so gorge.

Jessie said...

I'm not sure what line it is, but it's DEFinitely from Target!

Good call, sweetpea!