Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jesse and Edie

When I was a wee one, I used to love leaving food out for the forest creatures up at our cabin. (Not the best idea, in retrospect, but I can't help how much I love animals!!!)

Peanuts and cantelope for the squirrels, dried fruit for the birds, and dogfood for the raccoons!

We had our regular diners, of course... Sammy Squirrel and Ricky Raccoon were two of my favorites, but if Jesse and Edie would have stumbled across my path, I might have died from a cute attack.

05.03.09 Jesse and Edie Raccoons from Amy Shutt on Vimeo.

See? You just died a little bit... didn't you?

Details about the little critters on Amy's blog Day-Lab (also be sure to see her awesome online shop!)


Katherine said...

ahhhh! they are so adorable. my aunt and uncle used to have a pet raccoon, and according to my dad she would peel your eyes open at night while you slept and throw all of the dishes out of the cupboards onto the floor. little terror!

the Fairy Bootfather said...

I WANT ONE!!!!!!! They would be horrible to deal with at night time but they're so adorable!

joy refurbished said...

I did die just a bit. My life's dream is to start my own animal shelter. Although, I am probably about 50 years away from that actually happening. I do hope I get plenty of baby animals in the shelter of my future :)

dee said...

Oh my gosh, what little munchkins!! I love how she's holding onto her wrist while she drinks the bottle!! Somehow I don't think the raccoons that got into our garbage last week were quite so tiny.

Ashley said...

Oh dear! I want to own them. They are just too cute!