Thursday, March 5, 2009

Waiting for Mr. Postman

Finally getting around to spending some of my Christmas money!

(Um, hello? Crazy.)

Check out my awesome Etsy finds!!!

Wire Kitty Basket from YouAreYou

Vintage Onyx Cocktail Ring from AvidHunter3

Vintage Needlework (Perfect addition to my growing collection!) from JollyPollyPickins

Vintage Love Headband from LouAndLee

Vintage Embroidered Apron from DevineDebrisVintage

Ingenue from Jkldesign
(I am SO excited about this purchase! I have wanted it forever, and it is going to look great in the hallway!)

Can't wait 'til they all come in the mail!!!


Arlynn said...

Ooohhhhh... that vintage cocktail ring is my favorite - beautiful!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh that last one is amazing!

Robin said...

love the apron!! speaking of fun things in the mail...did you ever get the CDs I finally burned for you?

Hope yoga is going well :)


Stephanie said...

LOVE that print!