Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Louis Vuitton DIY

Louis Vuitton Fall '09 Runway

Spotted this lovely look on The Glamorai the other day, and am seriously thinking about giving it a try. I know sweater season is on it's way out, but I have a few cashmere crewnecks that are probably just finishing out their final winter anyway. That way, if the project doesn't turn out - I'm not out a usable sweater! Now all I need is a nice long strip of taffeta... I'm thinking either citron or ivory.
What do we think? To try? Or, not to try?!


Bama Leigh said...

most definately try it! fabulous!

Amanda said...

Oh yes, please try it! It will look absolutely fabulous on you! Share phots when you are done!

Arlynn said...

Try, try, try. Then, I'll know wheather or not to try it for myself : - )


Anonymous said...

To try!!!!!!! Then you can put on a bubble skirt, some killer heels, and stomp all over KC!

Robin said...

Did you do it? I hope so...can't wait to see.