Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Outdoor Living Spaces

The forecast says a whopping 80 degrees for the high, today, and I absolutely cannot wait to spend my St. Patty's Day on our balcony with good friends and cold drinks!

The warmer temps have encouraged me to start setting up our little square-of-sunny-goodness, and these photos have been my inspiration...

Bohemian Breeze (via Vogue Living Australia) - Love the side panels of fabric and the print on the ceiling! So many patterns make for such an interesting space!

Chic in the Shade (via Decorno) - A bright spot to curl up with an Arnold Palmer and a book.

Outdoor Elegance (via Decorno) - OMG, I die. That fixture is AMAHZING... especially against the beautiful greenery in the background. Our neighbors would think I was crazy if I put up a crystal chandelier over our balcony, but let me tell you, I am tempted!

Sleeping Under the Stars (via Domino... RIP *tear*) - Casual, cozy, and romantic... light that fire, pour the vino, and cuddle up together under those darling throw blankets.

Next item on the agenda - another trip to the nursery and some seed planting... gotta add that final touch with some greenery! (I'm going to do the best I can to change my thumb from black to green.)

I hope everyone has a fun, festive, and safe holiday... how will YOU be celebrating your St. Patrick's Day, my dears?


Ashley said...

Yeah, I'd like to LIVE in either the first or last space... and that outdoor chandelier.. I DIE!

Kristyn said...

i love your writing about your front porch...can i join you there on a sunny summer day? i love LOVE being on our front porch as well...watching the world go by on little liberty street.

love you and your sweet balcony!

Jessie said...

Ash - I KNOOOOOOW! If I lived in a more tropical climate, I'd build a house that had retractable walls so that I could "live outdoors" whenever I wanted. :)

Kris - JOIN ME! JOIN ME! I'll make some peach iced tea with mint, and we can munch on some chips and salsa while we watch the world go by...

Contributing Author said...

Great outdoor space ideas. I love keeping my french doors in the kitchen open when it's nice. I feel like I'm cooking outside with the nice breeze and outside sounds filtering through.