Friday, March 27, 2009

3 GREAT Reasons

... To buy me this bag:

#1 - It's a classic! Timeless, yet modern. Impeccable style. Proffessional enough for work, but soft enough lines for casual weekend wear. I cannot think of ONE outfit that would not work with this bag. (DON'T challenge me on this one.)

#2 - It's named after me! The Westbury Jessie. 'Nuff said.

#3 - Most importantly... EVERYTHING on the Kate Spade website right now is 30% off! Including sale items! I've already done that math for you, and if you were to generously and lovingly make this gift of a purchase somtime between now and March 30th, your savings will amount to $133.50! (Note: not the price... the SAVINGS.) Click on the image below to get the promo code...

There you have it! Three sure signs that it's meant to be mine!


Michelle said...

hhhah, I looove your pick, and I love that you say giiiiirrrl, it cracks me up!

Ray Artigue said...

I love you Jessie and just the "way you are" and have been since you were a little girl. Always loving clothes and life and not afraid to show!
My questions is what happens when more than one person gets you the purse????

xoxoxo, Your adoring father.

the Fairy Bootfather said...

Cute bag! But of course, being your choice, how could it not be! I've never bought anything from it, but the Kate Spade website is one of my favorites to play around in... check out the Hermes site too. A fairy can dream!!!!

Jessie said...

Hee! Michelle, thanks! :)

DADDYYYYY! Love clothes, love life. Great motto. ;) If I were to get two, I'd happily exchange one for a different color (specifically, the lovely blue option). Oh, and I adore you right back! Can't wait to see you in a week and a half!

Jamesy - You're a dear! Isn't Kate's site the best? I'm off to check out the Hermes site immediately! Miss you! Must do dinner/drinks soon! (Rugby and Sadie need another play date!)