Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Good thing I love Giraffes. Image from biro-art.

Ok, I give in.
I'm sick.
It doesn't happen very often, and even when it does, I am usually in denial. But today? There is no doubt about it.
I feel like I have an elephant standing on my chest, my knees are week, my nose is raw, and if I sneeze one more time, I think my eyes might pop right out of my head.
I don't normally blog from work, but I just wanted to try and write through my lack of inspiration for today. I don't know if it is caused by my cold, or by the fact that yesterday, I learned that the company I work for might be...


Oooooh I can't say it.

Ok, fine.

Going out of business.

But, hey! Besides all that - I feel just dandy! How's your day going???


Anonymous said...

ugh sorry you're having a rough time. take advantage of the fact that you're forced to relax and rent movies and eat ice cream!

Jennifer said...

Ack! This economy totally blows. You might consider drinking your way through it. :o)

Amanda said...

Boo. This must mean something wonderful is coming your way, because though I never am quite this lucky, it seems that when the hardship piles on, a wonderful surprise is right around the corner. Or maybe another hardship... but let's go with "wonderful surprise"! Hope you feel better and get to rest, rest, rest.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Jessie - It sounds like your day pretty much stinks I'm so sorry. Get a yummy hot tea or coffee to make you feel a little better.

Robin said...

Oh no, feel better soon. Tea and sleep and bad tv for you my dear.

Bummer about your company - but no matter what happens, you will be ok because you are too fabulous to be unemployed long.

Regardez Moi said...

oh no! you are having a rotten day! you should go home and get under the covers. drink some hot chocolate or tea (probably better for a cold) and get better. get your man to make you something yummy to eat. i hope you feel better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Well, I hope something wonderfully exciting comes along to make up for all this yuck!

franki durbin said...

I am the worst sick person. Sounds like you are too! I hope you're better soon! :)

Angela said...

oh you poor thing. treat yourself to something nice. for me, a rose milk bath.

Lopi said...

Maybe it's one of those "the sun will shine gloriously after the storm" kinda situations. Like, your company might go out of business, but you will find a job 10 times better a week after that. And you will also look slimmer because when one is sick, one looses appetite. Result!
Until then, feel better soon!

Jessie said...

Ooooh, you all are too too kind.

Here's to tea, and movies, and cuddling on the couch, and sick-time-skinniness, and wonderful surprises right around the corner, and hot baths, and bad tv! All suggestions of perfection!

Love to you all, and I truly TRULY appreciate your words.