Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Swap Time!

A few weeks ago, I agreed to participate in a Summer Swap put on by Jamie over at I Suwannee.

I had no idea what to expect, but I know that I like making care packages, and c'mon... WHO doesn't love receiving them!?

I was paired up with a gal named Natalie, who lives in Alabama (and just recently started her own blog), and we have lots of very serious and thought provoking things in common.

I know nothing about her political preferences, her spiritual upbringing, or her childhood, but I DO know that she flips for a tall icy glass of sangria, loves working on her golden tan at the lake, and can't live without her strawberry-banana lipgloss. She treats her King Charles Cavalier like one of her own children, and whaddya know, I've got two little animal children of my own!

Check out the hot pink tissue and the cute box that it all came in!

Now that I've received her DARling summer swap package, I know even more about her!

She has got great taste in jewelry, makes a MMEEEEAAAAN summer mix CD, loves letterpress (so do I!), and chose to bring out my edgy side by sending me a book of temporary tattoos!

I am so glad we were swap partners, Nat! Thanks so much for all the fun summer goodies!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE swaps! I'm not sure which I like better - picking out the goodies to send off or getting mine in the mail. Looks like you got some great stuff!

Anonymous said...

what a fabulous idea...it says a lot about a person if you're just as excited to give as you are to receive. i love this!

thismslife said...

I promise I am going to post picks of my AWESOME swap gift soon!

dee said...

Oh, what a great care package! I definitely want to do a swap next time around. Part of me wonders if I could come up with something half as cool as these goodies. So fun!!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I'm so bummed I didn't get on that summer swap, sounds like loads of fun.

Jessie said...

It WAS fun! Perhaps I'll organize one someday and you all can join!!!

I would do it again in a MINUTE!

(Thanks again, Natalie!)