Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Scream, You Scream

This picture pretty much sums up my relationship with my father-in-law.

I've traveled on many a road trip with my dear in-laws. We eat a lot of ice cream together, and Allen can sniff out a Dairy Queen from miles away.

Thing is, I don't have to do much screaming to get him to stop the car!


Anonymous said...

so funny...i've never been to a dairy queen, but i hear good things!

Amanda said...

DQ - where else can you get a nine-inch tall vanilla cone dipped in chocolate that hardens to a shell? Classic.

franki durbin said...

great little sign. I can't say I'd every (every) stop at a DQ... but oyu can't blame them for trying ;)

Jessie said...

Ahhhh, I think I hear a dipped cone calling my name!