Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Six Random Things

My dear friend, Robin, at No One Thing has tagged me asking for 6 random things about myself... here goes!

Nightmares. Why do I do this to myself.

1. I hate turtles. After swimming in numerous lakes and oceans, I have never been able to shake my fear of turtles. I think it all began with my childhood visits to Florida and Michigan where various cousins told me that the local breeds were snappers! When we'd waterski/wakeboard, I would be kicking my toes around wildly, so no turtle could catch me and take a bite! I swear I was bitten in the water at our friends lake house in Michigan, but oddly enough NO ONE seems to remember or believe me!!!

2. I have bionic scent and hearing. Sounds like a superpower, right? Well it's mostly just a reason for people to think that I have completely lost my marbles. I can smell and identify things like new rubber soles of shoes, the exact breed of muffins baking in the oven, and lucky pennies underneath the seat in my car. Can you imagine the facial expressions I get when I share my olfactory observations with others and they end up being correct??? As far as hearing goes, it almost always comes in handy... the only time I've ever wished it away was in college when I'd have roommates who were a little overzealous in their evening endeavors *wink*.

The Divided Plate - best invention EVAH!

3. I HATE it when my food touches. Simple as that. Please don't bother telling me that it all gets mushed together in my stomach, because I KNOW that. I passed 5th grade science. In most cases, I like keeping everything totally separate, and then I eat each item one at a time, going from my least favorite to my most. Not recommended as a weight management strategy... even if I'm full by the time I get to the last thing, I have to eat it because it's my favorite!

4. Sometimes I add "google reader" to my to-do lists because that way, I feel like I'm actually accomplishing something when I'm looking at your lovely sites. :) My stress levels are in direct correspondence with the amount of unread items in my reader, and my inspiration levels shoot through the roof when I actually have the time to browse and comment.

Not me. I would never have worn a red hat that clashed with my pink snowsuit.

5. My parents first put me on skis when I was about 18 months old. They were itty bitty little things that strapped on to my snow boots, and I think they still might be in a closet at my parents house. I've been hooked since then, and I always thought it was such a shame that I have never lived close to any good mountains. Skiing is one of the only things (besides swimming) that I have done for a really long period of time, and that I know I do well at.

6. I have this obsession with oranges and grapefruits. I can eat them all day long. My parents house (and their whole neighborhood) was built on groves and groves of grapefruit, lemon, and orange trees. Growing up, we could walk right outside in the winter (when the fruit is in season), pluck several off of the trees, and bring them inside to chow down. To this day, I still eat 3 white grapefruits on Christmas morning (w/ brown sugar, of course), and during the year, I spend inappropriate amounts of money buying the pink kind from the store (they were on sale yesterday... YESSSS!). Oranges are the same, I can and do eat two or three in one sitting (must be navel oranges - no seeds). My favorite scents are pink grapefruit and orange blossom from Jo Malone. I wear the first and my mom wears the latter (Thanks, Dad) and I honestly think it's because we've both grown up around blossoming citrus (they still live in the house that my mom grew up in). The scents have become a part of our lives, and just thinking about it makes my mouth water! I'm seriously getting up the minute I post this and grabbing one from the fridge!


Lopi said...

Never had any issue with turtles, but after seeing that one on top, I may develop some! That is one scary turtle!!!

Anonymous said...

"My stress levels are in direct correspondence with the amount of unread items in my reader..." I TOTALLY feel the same way! It's a sickness. hhaha...

It was great to read all of these little tidbits about you! :)

Ashley said...

Jessie, I completely agree with you about the eating.. no touching of food and the same strategy!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE citrus fruit too! DELISH! I just JUST learned how to ski this Christmas and it is so much fun. There were tons of adorable teeny tiny children on skiis everywhere- their cuteness made me giggle and feel somewhat intimidated. Funny to know you were totally one of them a long time ago! :)