Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm It!

I've been tagged! This little lady has kindly passed the bar to MOI, and here are the results...
(The formatting on Blogger is driving me crazy these days, so I apologize in advance for the wonky layout.)

Random picture of me from high school (toward the end of my senior year 2003)... these are my little cousins who are really the closest thing I will ever have to sisters. Love you, girls!
*Note: not one of the eyebrow pics that you will read about shortly.*

10 years ago:
Just turned 14 years old, and was halfway through the 8th grade. Friends and I used to make up our own "theme days" and wear REALLY crazy stuff to school. Had recently started grooming my eyebrows (more like landscaping my face... should have started at about age 9), and ended up over-plucking an already way-too-aggressive wax job into lopsided little baby caterpillars. **Laughter caused by looking at these photos has been medically proven to cure depression and eliminate any shred of negative self-image. Email me for prices.***

8 years ago: Sophomore year. Anchoring the TV news show at my school, varsity pom/cheer, school musicals, track, swimming, friends, flirting, and keeping out of trouble. My Bompa died earlier in the year, and my life was drastically changed by his absence.

6 years ago: Senior year of high school... at this point I had been with my first serious boyfriend for over a year, and little did I know he would break my heart in a few weeks, on New Year's Eve Day. I majorly screwed up most of my friendships by paying too much attention to the boy, and this was when my mom truly became my best friend. Was ahead in school so I got to go home at noon everyday and eat lunch and watch Oprah with Mom. Score.

2 years ago: Senior year of college. Started my own event planning business, and was planning a wedding of my own. College was such a blast, and it still seems a little like a dream to me. I was excited about the upcoming summer when I would marry my best friend, but definitely not looking forward to moving away from San Diego.

Five yummy things:
1. CHEESE! Any kind, but mostly brie, feta, goat, and extra sharp cheddar.
2. Greyhound (grapefruit juice & grey goose)
3. Artichokes
4. Cinnamon Raisin Bagel (toasted) with Cream Cheese
5. Dad's Famous Guacamole! (I swear on my life that you will never taste a better recipe)

Off the coast of San Miguel

Five places I would like to escape to:
1. Santorini, Greece
2. Miguel Antonio, Costa Rica
3. San Diego, California
4. Portland, Oregon
5. Telluride, Colorado

Five things I would never wear:
1. Cable Knit Sweaters
2. Polo Shirts
3. Themed Socks
4. Renaissance Festival Costume
5. Beach MuMu

Five favorite TV shows:
1. The Office
2. Lipstick Jungle
3. Saturday Night Live
4. Flipping Out
5. The Soup

There are soooo many! ANTM, Project Runway, Stylista, Extreme Home Makeover, Biggest Loser... I love TV.

Couching it with Mama, Britt, and Brother... Buck up, Joe.

Five things I enjoy doing:

1. Yoga

2. Planning things for people - outfits, trips, parties, meals, workout regimens, packing lists... you name it.

3. Cuddling up with G, Mom, Dad, and brother on the big couch and watching a funny movie. (YESSS, only two more weeks and you will be mine!)

4. Swimming in the ocean

5. Making things! Meals, gifts, cards, clothes, decorations... you name it.

Five Favorite toys:
1. Embroidery thread, needles, and hoop (Just CALLLLLLL me Granny)
2. MacBook
3. Yoga mat
4. Sewing Machine
5. Kitty

Five people who I am tagging to fill this out:
1. Seleta
2. Sarah
3. Emily
4. Ashley
5. My MOM! That's right, Mamacita, hop to it!


Regardez Moi said...

This was AWESOME to read. We have so much in common - well, so much that this little thing revealed anyway :).

I'm in San Diego right now. I'll make sure to say hi for you :)

Kate Coveny Hood said...
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Kate Coveny Hood said...

Did I know that you were only 24? You have already done so much! I think I was stuggling with my first lame office job at 24 (as opposed to struggling with my current lame office job at 36).

You're too cute - thanks for doing this.

Oh by the way - by now I think you have probably seen that you won my giveaway. I think you can just contact Angelina directly via her contact info on her website. I sent her the name of the winner - so she'll know who you are when yo place your order.

Sarah said...

you are so funny!!! I am glad to hear that you don't wear themed socks! My friends are so into it (i am even going to a Christmas sock themed party this season) and i just don't get it?

Jennifer said...

Love this, but you make me feel oooooold! Why won't you wear a polo shirt?

Jessie said...

Jozette - "OH HAI SAN DIEGO!"

Kate - SOOO excited about the giveaway! Can't wait to go claim my goodies!

DD - Can't wait to hear how the "SOCK HOP" goes... I have lots of cute patterned ones to wear with boots and such, but NO. THEMES.

Jennifer - You are not OOOLLD. Everyone at my new job thinks I'm WAAAYYY older than I actually am. Whatevs.

Also, I cannot wear polo shirts because I have man-shoulders and the shoulder seams end up being closer to my neck than to my arms (ok, maybe a small exaggeration). NOT. ATTRACTIVE.

Anonymous said...

I loved this! Especially how you'd never wear "Renaissance Festival Costume"...hahaha...I AGREE!!