Monday, December 15, 2008


Well ok, her birthday was actually on the 13th, but I wanted her to finish her "tag" before I put up her birthday post! Take it away, Martha!!! (*NOTE: Editor's comments in italics)

Five yummy things:
1. Carrot Cake
2. Steak and a Baked Potato
3. Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing
4. Peppermint Bark
5. Antipasto Platter

Five places I would like to escape to:
1. Beach in San Diego
2. Ski Slope in Telluride
3. Vail, Colorado
4. My Couch in Front of the TV
5. Out to Lunch with my Sister

Five things I would never wear:
1. Kelly Green
2. A Bikini
3. Crop Top (PHEW!)
4. 80's Exercise Clothes (Ya, but you used to ROCK these, back in the day)
5. Choker Necklace

Five favorite TV shows:
1. The Office
2. Biggest Loser
3. The Apprentice
4. SNL
5. The Bachelor

Five things I enjoy doing:
1. Relaxing and Watching TV
2. Painting/Crafting
3. Boogie Boarding (How many moms do you know that can shred waves with the best of 'em?!)
4. Taking the Dog for Bike Rides (Jealous)
5. Playing Board Games with my Family

Five Favorite toys:
1. Jordan (the doggie)
2. Bike
3. iPod (that her generous daughter gave Her)
4. Computer
5. DVR (Doy.)

Thanks for playing, Mama!

I wish the whole world could know how much I treasure our friendship.

You can make me laugh harder than any person I know, you are comforting and tender when my heart is hurting, and you have always taught me to nurture my creativity and my love for others. I miss you every single day we are apart, and I can't wait to see you this weekend!
The homemade chocolate-peppermint truffles that I sent do not even beGIN to show how much I love you...

Guess you'll have to settle for a great big birthday-hug, just a few days late!


Regardez Moi said...

Ohhhh! Happy Birthday Jessie's mom!!

And Jessie? You are a model.

Petunia Face said...

I'm in agreement with Regardez Moi--you are BOTH models! Stunning ladies of The Lucky Stone.

p.s. my b'day is August 30th if you want to send me homemade truffles :)

Robin said...

You are both BEAUTIFUL. What a sweet birthday note, too.

Robin said...

It must be meme time...I just tagged you :)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

And the winners of the mother-daughter beauty pageant are...

But seriously - you're obviously beautiful both inside and out.

Happy birthday to Jessie's mom!

dee said...

What a sweet daughter you are! I love that card, too:)

karey m. said...

oh, she's adorable...i hope my girlies adore me half as much as you adore her! xoxo.

twelvekindsofcrazy said...

Love the tiny print jab.
I like to ask my mom what year it is and who is the president.
Gorgeous pic, Jessie!