Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We have a WINNAH!

Zakary at Shindig winnnnnnnnnns the Halloween Costume Guessing Contest!

Nice job, Z. I think it was Officer Dangle that did it.

Would you puh-lease send me your address so that I can ship off your little pressie that I so lovingly made?! Muchas gracias, amiga!

Would you like to know the answers? Go here to the original post to see the updates...

ALSO - Due to extremely embarrassingly, shamefully, may-never-do-a-contest-again low participation, I will be sending a prize to the other two entries as well.
Jennifer at The Most Awesomest Stuff Ever, and Kate at The Big Piece of Cake - COME! ON! DOWN! (Addresses please.)


Jennifer said...

OMG, you were a cougar! That is AWESOME. HEE!

SGM said...

Dude, it was the toughest contest ever!

I thought the Juno couple was Bristol and Levi.

You look quite gorgeous as a cougar, but I think that's b/c you're lacking the old age and desperation.

Robin said...

A cougar! So funny. Sorry for not guessing, I wish I had since you are generously sending prizes to all participants. Next time!

ZDub said...

Yay! I won! I never win anything!

You make a gorgeous cougar!