Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Best Halloween Costumes Evah

This is the LAST Halloween post... I promise.

I just couldn't resist showing my next-door neighbors (back home) in their most amazing ensembles.

Behold, the muse:

My 17-year-old brother, Joey
I wish I had a better pic... my brother helped me with this by sending it from his iPhone at the last minute.

AAAAAND The Costumes:

Little Emma wanted to be my brother, Joey!!! How cute is THAT?! Our neighborhood is pretty into the high school football team, so the whole family decided to go along with it. Their mom is the ref, their dad is the cheerleader, and Bobby is the Titan!

Majorly adorable, and SO appropriate since playoffs begin soon!

Go Arcadia!!!

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Anonymous said...

The dad just made my day.