Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Ever Lucky Stone Contest!

**UPDATED! Answers to the contest in asterisks**

Thank you to all for your sweet comments and birthday wishes from my last post! I had a wonderful day, and can't wait to show you my birthday loot! The celebrations are continuing on through the week, and I am SO looking forward to spending time with good friends and of course, G... we have some very fun things planned!

I'm knee deep in yoga homework, so I thought I'd leave you with some fun pics from our Halloween get together last weekend, and also a little contest to get your juices going this morning!

Ghoul garland. You can't really tell from the picture, but they all had "o" mouths except for one who had a great big toothy smile.

The beginnings of a killer treat table.

Candle lanterns that were very fun to make... took me all the way back to the 1st grade.

And for the next portion of the post, I will be showing you the entries in our very own costume contest.

YOUR part of the contest goes as follows: Whoever can successfully guess the most amount of costumes pictured, will win a fabulous prize! Yes, I will actually send you something, and no, it will not be lame. You may not participate if you were actually in attendance.

*Hints: Not all characters pictured together have related costumes (but they do, in some cases). Clicking to look at all details in the larger version of each picture might help with your guessing. Accuracy in wording your guess is important.

Now, HAVE AT IT!!!!

Joanna and Ric - *CALVIN AND HOBBES! Ha. I thought this was such a funny costume for an married couple.*

Shawna and Tim - *A Hockey Mom (notice the lipstick and pearls - perfect) and Joe the Plumber*

Eric - *Officer Dangle from Reno 911. Never seen it, but costume's still hilarious.*

Michael and Kristyn - *Michael Cera and Ellen Page in Juno (The orange tic tacs and blue slushie?? Awesome.)*

Taryn and Jessie - *Hippie chick and A COUGAR!!! C'mon people, I thought for sure someone would guess. My makeup and sheer shirt over a cheesy bra, plus a clove cigarette didn't come across as obviously as I thought it would. I even put on fake nails. HA!*

Jessie and G - *What's a cougar without a "cub" to claim! G is Michael Phelps and I worked very hard on his 8 medals. (The Lochte guess was also very impressive.)*


Zakary won, but you're all getting a prize because that's how I ROLLLL!


Jennifer said...

Let's see:

Joanna is a tiger and I have no idea what Ric is.

Shawna and Tim are Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber!

I have no idea what Eric is!

Michael and Kristyn are Juno and Juno's baby daddy!

No clue what Taryn is. And I don't know who you are either (but I love that you have a clove cigarette!)

G is Michael Phelps ... or maybe Ryan Lochte given the curly blonde hair! HA!

Cute contest!

ZDub said...

Joanna is a tiger and I have no idea either what Ric is supposed to be.

Shawna is Sarah Palin and Tim is Joe the Plumber.

Eric is Officer Dangle.

Krityn and Michael are the couple frm Juno, too cute!

Taryn looks like some sort of hippie chick and I have no idea who you are! I know it's something totally clever though!

G is Michael Phelps!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

This is hard! But I'm going to just guess on the ones I don't know.

Joanna is Tigger and Ric looks like the kid from Jerry McGuire (but no glasses - so I know that's wrong).

Shawna is Sarah Palin and Tim is Joe the Plumber

Eric is Officer Dingle

Michael is Michael Cera's character in Juno and Kristyn is Juno (played by Ellen Page)

I just don't know what you and Taryn are supposed to be. I wanted to try - or at least come up with a clever alternative. But it's just not happening...

G is Michael Phelps.

Great costumes!