Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Checking In

Always love her outfit posts... I WILL be recreating this one. Trust.

It feels as though I've been running a little low on thoughts to share with you these last few weeks. Have you noticed?

Work has become quite a bit busier than it's ever been, and I think that has a little something to do with it. I'm still enjoying life and searching for lucky stones and crocheting granny squares and altering thrifted treasures and hosting parties and snuggling with the animals (and G), but for some reason documenting every little thing has not been as high on my priority list (however, you... you are still very high on the list).

I'm hoping that with the new holiday season will come lots of new inspiration and the desire to post more, but I can't make any guarantees. I am still posting over there, should you miss me too terribly (although something tells me you'll be just fine), and I promise I'm still checking in on my favorite reads from time to time.


tiffany said...

I think that blogging brings about something interesting wherein we sometimes feel almost obligated to post, to share things, just to keep the ball rolling. But that's not what it's all about, right?

Go have fun and live your life! I'm certain we'll all still be here when you do have stories to tell!

Online Printing Company said...

I know how you feel right now, there was a time I wasn't able to update my blog for almost a month. Right now, my work requires me to stay on my toes so blogging has become the least of my priority.

For the meantime I'm going old school chronicling my weekdays and update my blog on a weekly basis.

dee said...

I'm right there with you, J:) Sometimes life makes you step back and take a break from the things you might normally love... for whatever reason... so, yeah, I get it! We'll be right here waiting when you're up and running again. Meantime, enjoy crocheting those mini squares... such a lovely pastime :) xo

alissa said...

a breather can be a good thing! you're right the holidays should be full of bright and shiny inspiration:)

G said...

Hi. I'm new here but a timely reader as I have fab cowboy boots and no inspiration. this pretty much does the trick. I'll be following now!