Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Deep Breaths

I am having an extremely busy, crazy, and tough, get-me-outta-here kind of day at work, and I keep having to remind myself to take deep breaths so I don't have a breakdown.

I spotted this image that I had saved to my computer,while I was frantically searching for something else, and it reminded me of my beautiful blogging friends which instantly calmed me down.

Who can resist these bright little buds (I think they are zinnias... Mom, can you tell me?) turning their faces towards a sunny window?

On another note, I'm only a few hours away from heading home for a nice long run with G and Sadie, and then we're off to eat a summer dinner with dear friends. At least I have a wonderful evening to look forward to!

Thanks for listening and I'll see you tomorrow! MWAH!


dee said...

Deep breaths, munchkin:) This photo is so pretty, I can see why it would calm you. And, p.s., thanks for weighing in. I LOVE your suggestions...always!

joy refurbished said...

On days like that I always look so forward to the moment that I can get home and lay on the couch with my dogs.